Liebster Award

Welcome back to my blog lovelies – thank you so much to Sophie for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I’ve been nominated for this award on a previous blog I used to own. But this is a first with my new website!


The Rules:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions your nominator asked in their post.
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers of your choice.
4. Come up with your own eleven questions for your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know that they’ve been chosen!
6. Link back to the person of which nominated you.



  1. I have changed the title of my degree three times.
  2. I have been with my boyfriend David for 1 year and 8 months on the 21st of this month.
  3. I can’t physically eat fruit, I hate the textures. I can only drink fruit juice.
  4. I started a YouTube channel earlier this year, but I deleted all my videos because I didn’t feel confident enough to continue.
  5. My favourite flowers are sunflowers, they’re bold and beautiful.
  6. I haven’t been abroad since I was roughly 11 years old.
  7. I hate fitted clothing because it makes me feel fat.
  8. About a quarter of my wardrobe used to be my boyfriends’ clothes! #stolen
  9. I prefer shopping in Charity Shops and on eBay because it’s cheaper and trendy.
  10. I love watching movies it’s probably my favourite way to spend my time.
  11. I have 17 qualifications discluding my current studies.



1. What made you want to start a blog?

I had a general love for writing in general and when I discovered the online community of blogging I thought I’d give it a try. There’s just something about writing posts, knowing you’ve done it and getting feedback from it that I just love.

2. Favourite TV show as a kid?

Ooh this is a hard one. As a kid could mean any ages up to about 16 right? I’m gonna have to go with Hannah Montana. Not even sorry, I used to dance and sing along to that show!

3. Favourite Musical?

Well, I don’t go to watch musicals in person so it’s going to have to be one from a DVD. And honestly, I’m torn between Mamma Mia and Across The Universe.

4. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Straight up full-time author or blogger. Something that involves writing and being creative is the job I need!

5. What’s the hobby you’ve stuck at the longest?

Honestly blog writing. It’s the only thing I’ve stuck with, I write so many blog posts but I don’t always post them. Some things are just good to get off your chest.

6. Favourite meal of the day?

Lasagne and chips! I can’t even talk about my love for lasagne, I’m the human equivalent of Garfield.

7. Do you prefer watching films, or reading books?

It honestly depends on my mood if I’m feeling sleepy or lazy I’ll whack on a film. If I’m bored or have spare time I’ll read books.

8. What’s your favourite kind of blog posts to read?

Lifestyle/life updates! I enjoy reading about what’s happening with other people, whether it’s their experiences of traveling somewhere new, or moving houses. I think it can sometimes be inspiring reading about these kinds of posts.

9. Who is your favourite ‘Friend’?

I’m not sure whether this means my own friends or someone from the TV show friends?! Well, I pretty much have no friends, David is my best-friend and boyfriend. And from the TV show, it’s going to have to be Chandler, he’s hilarious.

10. What’s your favourite accent to hear?

Australian, I just think it’s funny, to be honest.

11. Would you rather live in the city or the country?

It depends on where really, if by the country side you mean a house in the middle of nowhere and not really by any towns. Then I’d say city. As much as I love peace and quiet, I can’t drive so I’d rather not be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. (Unless I’m retired and old)



Mollie, Cajun, Bex, Georgia, Charlie, Izzie, Sarah, Katharine Anne, Kerry, Danielle, Hallieblog.




1. What is your favourite type of blog post to write and why?

2. What is the best movie you’ve seen from 2017 so far?

3. If you could travel anywhere next week, where would you go?

4. Who is your all-time favourite band?

5. Choose one: Flats or heels?

6. What camera(s) do you own?

7. How do you stay motivated and organised with blogging?

8. What do you typically do on weekends?

9. If you could advise people to read one book, what book would it be?

10. Blogging, YouTubing or both?

11. If you were an icecream flavor, what would you be and why?


Thanks again so much to Sophie! Hope you enjoyed this blog post ♥

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