6 Reasons Why I Blog

A lot of people ask me why I blog, so I thought I’d make a blog post on why I blog. As I know a lot of people blog for different reasons, and I have six… so here it goes in no particular order, just what comes to my mind.

1.) When writing personal posts, blogging is a way of getting things off my chest. Everyone deals with their problems or worries in different ways, I like to write about mine. Of course certain things I would never publicly post about, but blogging is a way of venting. For example, I could post about something in the media/news to get my thoughts out there if it’s been bugging me.

2.) I love being creative with the writing and photos. There’s nothing I love more than writing and taking photos, and experimenting with them. It’s amazing to look back on it all, you’d be surprised at how much you improve or/and change.

3.) The community is huge and the majority are friendly. I’ve spoken to some lovely people and hopefully, I get to meet some of them this year! I think this is such a bonus for those who have had crappy experiences with people in the past. I only surround myself with positive people who bring out the best in me, and I love talking to and meeting new people.

4.) To document pretty much everything; my writing, thoughts, advice, achievements, and memories. It’s an easy way putting whatever you want out there for people to see and read. What’s even better is that I can look back over everything I’ve done, and see how far I’ve come and the amazing experiences I’ve had.

5.) As a portfolio, due to me studying creative writing it helps to keep a blog as it is quite literally a portfolio. Which may be of use for future careers. Of course, I use my blog for more of a personal use rather than business/educational reasons. But I write in a way that I’d talk to people, no one wants to read dull blog posts where the person’s personality just doesn’t get across to its readers.

6.) Just for myself, for a piece of mind and it’s something I enjoy doing any time of the day. I genuinely just love writing, and being able to share parts of my life with others across the internet is amazing. There are so many positives to starting a blog.


Let me know if you have a blog in the comments below, and the reasons why you love blogging!

Kayley xo

Why I Chose The Open University

So as many of you know I study with The Open University. My first year I tried it out part time (one 60 credit module) and loved it, but I wanted to speed up the process and looked into full time. My second year (current year) I’m doing full time (two 60 credits modules). So I feel because I’ve experienced more with The Open University now, I’m able to tell you guy’s more about it. And more so why I chose the OU.

1.) Because it’s open in every way.
    If the title of the University didn’t give it away then this point will. The OU gives everyone and anyone the chance to study and gain a degree. You can pick and choose what degree you want, and what modules you study for it. I’m currently doing a BA (Hons) Arts & Humanities (Specialising in Creative Writing) and I love the open choices I have with the OU.

2.) I didn’t need any previous Qualifications.
    Not that I don’t have any qualifications, I just thought it was a bonus not having to go through the UCAS applications and rejection to Universities. You didn’t need qualifications for what I chose at the OU anyway, other than the ability to understand basic English. It states on the degree page whether you need any qualifications or not. Of course, it advises that you have previous background or knowledge with what you’re going to be studying because University courses are hard. For example, if you have a C at English GCSE, you’re more likely to get to grasps with an English degree with the OU.

3.) It’s cheaper than any other University.
    So when I first studied with the OU, the course fees per module were £2,700. I had a look the other day for my next module choices this October, and they’ve risen slightly but only to £2,864. But either way to gain a BA Hons Degree you need to take 6 modules worth 60 credits each which going off the new price totals to £17,184. Whereas if I went to brick uni which now costs £9,250 a year, in which you have to do 3 years, it totals to £27,750. I’m saving over £10,000 just on the degree itself and that’s without taking into account maintenance loans you have at brick uni also… Ouch.

4.) It will stand out on your CV.
    Okay so it may not be the most well-known University, but it’s getting there. It’s constantly expanding every year with new students and tutors. I recently went for an interview and I was successful. The interviewer thought The Open University was impressive, with how varied the subjects I study are and the motivation I have to do it at home by myself.

5.) Flexibility.
    There are optional day schools and tutorials. But I don’t attend any of them because they’re normally out the way, and I chose the OU so I could do all my studies in my room. There’s no need to go anywhere other than your desk/computer/laptop in the comfort of your own home. Which makes it easier to study and work at the same time.

6.) Community and support.
    I have met varied amounts of people of different ages, interests, race, language. This year I took it upon myself to start a Whatsapp group for both modules, it’s a great way to communicate and not feel alone on the course. Any problems or advice I have I put into the chat, and we help each other out. There’s also Facebook groups, forums on the OU student home. Just be weary about certain information you can say, due to copyright and the OU rules. Also the tutor you get for each module you study, there only a phone call, text or email away.

So that about wraps it up on why I chose the OU. I hope you guys found this post interesting, and if you’re thinking about gaining a degree go check out the OU.

Until next time!
Kayley xo